• We’re on a mission to deliver the best support in the industry

We’re on a mission to deliver the best support in the industry

WellSky® is passionate about providing our customers with sensational support and training opportunities to ensure you are successful with our products. Our highly-trained support team is available to provide assistance to every staff member in your organization, as often as they need it.

Customer Support is included in your monthly WellSky subscription fee and is available to every member of your organization.

We’re here to support you!

WellSky Home Health
(formerly Kinnser Agency Manager)

(877) 399-6538

Email Home Health

WellSky Hospice
(formerly Kinnser Hospice)

(877) 399-6538

Email Hospice

WellSky Home Health Therapy
(formerly Kinnser Therapy Manager)
(877) 399-6538

Email Home Therapy

WellSky Private Duty
(formerly Kinnser ADL)
(877) 399-6538
Email Private Duty

WellSky CareTend

WellSky CPR+

WellSky Caretinuum

WellSky Homecare360

WellSky Fastrack

WellSky MestaMed

WellSky Transfusion
(formerly HCLL Transfusion)

WellSky Blood Solutions
(formerly LifeTrak)

WellSky Quality & Compliance
(formerly KnowledgeTrak)
WellSky Medication Management
(formerly Ascend)

WellSky Biotherapies Clinic
(formerly Transtem)

WellSky Biotherapies Lab
(formerly Transtem)

WellSky Community Services
(formerly ServicePoint)

WellSky Community & Missions
(formerly Spero)

WellSky WORx

WellSky Human Services
(formerly Harmony)

WellSky Aging & Disability
(formerly SAMS)

WellSky Rehabilitation
(formerly MediLinks)

WellSky Scheduling
(formerly AppointmentsEverywhere)

WellSky Pac-Metrix

WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers
(formerly AlphaFlex)

WellSky AlphaMCS

WellSky LTC
(Formerly BlueStrata EHR)

(888) 538-4604

Email Long-Term Care

WellSky Interactant
(formerly HCS Interactant)

(800) 524-1038

Training opportunities

Best-in-class training

We’ve developed a variety of training options to guarantee successful implementation and transition to the WellSky platforms. Our trainers not only have the deep product knowledge you expect, but also have extensive experience to ensure that they understand your business goals. Our ongoing training options include instructor-led webinars and extensive online learning materials. These training opportunities provide refreshers for current users, as well as orientation opportunities for new employees, to ensure you get the most out of your WellSky investment.

WellSky University

For WellSky Transfusion (formerly HCLL), WellSky Transfusion Analytics (formerly HCLL Analytics), WellSky Medication Management (formerly Ascend), and WORx

CareTend Training Resource Center (TRC)

If you need a CareTend TRC account, please send an email to caretend-training@mediware.com and include your license number, company name, your name, and email address.