• Focus on smarter, more compassionate care with WellSky® Hospice software

Focus on smarter, more compassionate care with WellSky® Hospice software

WellSky Hospice (formerly Kinnser Hospice® and Consolo) was built in collaboration with hospices to address the challenges agencies face every day. Our goal was to develop software that aligned with real world processes, and also made team members more efficient. The result is a comprehensive, integrated point-of-care and back-office hospice software solution that is intuitive, clear, and hassle-free.

The most widely used hospice software

Intake & Scheduling

WellSky Hospice software allows you to analyze, assess, and continuously improve the performance of your business. Your agency will receive referrals seamlessly and securely, see all visits by disciplines on one calendar, and manage bereavement follow-up tasks.

Delivery of Care

Our collaborative and intuitive charting solutions enable your team to coordinate care across your agency, simplify daily schedules, tasks, and documentation (even offline), and optimize IDG/IDT collaboration.

Quality Assurance

Our hospice EHR’s risk management feature helps you make data-driven quality your hospice’s competitive advantage. Unlock key insights on patient decline using ESAS data, design and track custom SMART goals, and save time with real-time reports and benchmarking.

Filing Claims

WellSky Hospice expedites the claims process for managed care and Medicare patients to shorten and improve your hospice billing revenue cycle. Your team will efficiently address claim submission issues, manage remittance payments to claims, and process payments for different payers.

Financial Reporting

Your hospice team will be empowered to analyze, assess, and continuously improve the performance of your business. Your business will gain clarity into revenue cycle stages, automate accrual accounting, and roll-up financial reporting for all of your agencies.

Predictive Analytics

WellSky hospice software can predict patient outcomes, including mortality and revocations, using your existing clinical data. With WellSky Applied Insights for Hospice, you can easily recognize your most vulnerable patients who need extra support. Increase skilled visits when they matter most, take measures to prevent revocations at the right time, and ensure exceptional care at end of life.

Hospice software designed for your success

Web-based & mobile

WellSky Hospice is accessible on all of your connected devices (tablets and laptops) so you can always be on top of what’s happening in your business.


With no hosting fees, clunky servers to maintain, or costly upgrades that take days, you are always on the most recent version of the software every time you log in.


Our hospice EHR combines everything you needs into one convenient application, streamlining tasks, improving communication, and facilitating collaboration.

WellSky serves 800,000 home health and hospice patients every year

Extend the power of WellSky Hospice software

See why agencies love WellSky Hospice software

“I have increased my census by 20% with no additional staff because of the efficiency that [WellSky Home Health] brings to my agency.”

In the last 12 months, American home health agencies performed more than 34 million billable visits using WellSky Home Health.

“[WellSky Home Health] makes it very easy for me to be more successful at what I do as an owner and as a leader…Honestly I think [WellSky Home Health] is awesome. I would absolutely recommend [WellSky Home Health].”

More than 4,500 home health, private duty, therapy, and hospice agencies use WellSky solutions.

“The biggest return on investment that [WellSky Home Health] has given our agency is the ability to run more efficient, productive processes that ultimately result in a happy staff and timely billing.”

“[WellSky Home Health] gives me the peace of mind that I can log in at any point in time and go into the financial information and know exactly how we’re doing.”

Across WellSky’s 4K+ home health and hospice customers, 200K+ daily tasks are completed, $11B+ Medicare claims are processed, 93M+ visits are scheduled, and 800K patients are served each year.

“The DONs used to chase clinicians around for their paperwork. Now, we can easily keep track of all patient information, and clinicians submit their notes twice as fast.”

“As the Chief Clinical Officer, I can use WellSky’s dashboard feature to monitor documentation times on the go using my iPad.”