• Our commitment to giving

Our commitment to giving

At WellSky®, charitable giving and volunteerism is in our DNA. We see ourselves as a vital part of multiple communities – our cities, our nation, and the health care industry. As part of our commitment to realizing care’s potential, we eagerly support programs that help meet the needs of all these communities.

Learn how our employees’ generous donations of time and money are impacting our cities and creating thriving communities.

The WellSky Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations by removing social barriers to better health outcomes. With the understanding that socioeconomic factors affect a person’s wellness to a greater extent than healthcare access, we support organizations that are boldly addressing key socioeconomic challenges and creating better lives for people in need.

The WellSky Foundation focuses on the top socioeconomic factors with the greatest impact on a person’s long-term well-being: food insecurity, housing, transportation, and isolation. WellSky understands that caring for the whole person — in the context of their communities, families, and social support systems — results in better outcomes, lower costs, and sustainable care.

Join us in shaping a future of whole-person care, so that together, we can build communities that thrive.

Passionate about our local communities

Across all of our offices, WellSky employees enthusiastically participate in charities that are making a difference in their cities. Our local impact is wide-reaching and includes Meals on Wheels, local children’s shelters, Disabled American Veterans, food banks, and many more.

While our financial support is important to these organizations, we are passionate about spending time within our communities, interacting with and helping our most vulnerable populations. This is why our employees are encouraged to engage with charities of their choice using paid volunteer time off.

“I live in Austin but have a big fondness for a small town outside Austin called Smithville. When Hurricane Harvey hit, my family in Houston lost everything. But so did my “families” in Smithville. Being a smaller community, not much was said on the news, nor was there much of a volunteer effort made. I had to help my family in Houston when I could, but I wanted to help Smithville too.

Thanks to the volunteer time off WellSky provides, I was able to create and run a “Giving Tree” by partnering with the Smithville Police Department and their Blue Santa drive. We were able to sponsor 50 kids and help their families have presents under the tree. The police department said this was the largest number of toys they had ever received, and it came at the most needed time.

Without our Volunteer Time Off Program, it would have been extremely difficult to organize and get all of the presents out to Smithville on time. It makes me very grateful to work for a company that believes in philanthropy as much as I do. It’s part of why I choose to work at WellSky.”

Catt Bowen

Financial Product Specialist

WellSky Scholars Program

The WellSky Scholars Program is a $1 million fund that provides full nursing scholarships in the Austin, Texas area. The program was established in 2011 to address the nursing shortage and covers tuition, fees, and program expenses for 400 nursing students. The program is part of the Austin Community College Foundation and is currently scheduled to extend through 2027.

“WellSky’s generosity will change many lives – for both deserving students and the patients they will care for as the next generation of nurses. We thank WellSky for its commitment to ACC and for taking away one significant barrier so many students face.”

Corby Jastrow

Board chair for the Austin Community College Foundation