• Maximize patient management with WellSky® outpatient rehabilitation solutions

Maximize patient management with WellSky® outpatient rehabilitation solutions

WellSky® Rehabilitation (formerly MediLinks) goes beyond the basic functions of documentation and billing. WellSky provides full patient management, helping your business maximize results and provide the best care possible for your patients.

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Practice Management

Simplify and streamline complex patient management workflows with WellSky outpatient rehabilitation solutions. We help your business maximize efficiency with notifications and alerts, simplify complex scheduling, and decrease no-show rates with customized patient communication.


Ensure compliance with configurable, defensible documentation and charge capture. With WellSky, you can create clear, legible charts, increase accuracy and speed of documentation and charge capture, simplify and manage the plan of care, and track patient activity and progress on time, every time.

Revenue Maximization & Protection

Maximize operations with data captured in WellSky to make timely practice management decisions. Charge capture data flows automatically from documentation into billing, resulting in faster submissions, fewer errors, and better connection to payers.

Patient Experience

Leverage workflow, data, and outcomes to support effective patient management and deliver exceptional care. WellSky provides solutions to better utilize patient and clinic outcomes for managing the value and quality of care. Our solutions integrate with outcome and patient engagement providers to create an approach that shows impact to the patients’ functional restoration.

Designed for your success


WellSky’s proactive workflow notifications alert you to critical actions, ensuring your team can take the right action on the right patient at the right time.


WellSky provides a wide range of professionally designed templates that cover virtually any rehab scenario in adult and pediatric settings, allowing you to meet your facility standards and reflect the care that you provide.


Provide exceptional care using WellSky’s capabilities to leverage workflow, data, and outcomes to support effective patient management.

For 25 years, hospital outpatient rehab providers have trusted WellSky

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“[WellSky] has been a great purchase for our multidisciplinary clinics. The compliance has been the greatest asset to this product. The research and end result that this team puts into their product with the CMS rules is outstanding.”

In the last 12 months, 20,462 practitioners have trusted WellSky to provide more than 22,269,212 treatments.

“[WellSky Rehabilitation] is 100% built for compliance, which makes our business better equipped to handle continuously changing regulations.”

“As a director that needs to oversee several different rehab settings, [WellSky] provides peace of mind knowing that they will always communicate and work with us to implement regulatory changes. Ensuring Joint Commission, CMS and other regulatory requirements are being met is vastly simpler with [WellSky] charting for both inpatient and outpatient services.”

In the last 12 months, rehab therapy providers have served more than 2,346,204 patients using WellSky across 1,436 facilities.

“The [WellSky] product is the only product that met our needs. We have a broad service line, and because [WellSky] is so customizable it was the only thing that is able to meet all the needs of the staff members.”

“With [WellSky], it was clear that the solution was designed by people who know and understand rehab. The flow of the overall process and the design of the templates made it obvious that [WellSky] was the only provider who could effectively meet our needs.”