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CareForum 2019: The WellSky User Conference

Join us Sept. 9-11 in Kansas City for CareForum 2019. With world-class education and inspiration, this is the ultimate conference for health and community care professionals.

Data and homelessness in Austin, TX

How Austin ECHO uses data from WellSky technology to better serve people experiencing homelessness
social determinants of health

How CBOs can address social determinants of health

Social determinants of health have a tremendous impact on health outcomes and costs. See how community-based organizations can better collaborate with health care providers to support their communities.

Caring for our aging homeless population

Older adults make up half of all people in housing programs for the homeless. As the senior population ages, this will put tremendous strains on Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals, and many public services. This webcast details the extent of the problem and potential solutions.

Managing Provider Quality & Outcomes with Data

Discover new ways your coordinating agency can use data to work more closely with providers to achieve greater good in your community. This 5-step blueprint can help you launch an effective quality management program that achieves lower costs, better outcomes, enhanced client experiences, and greater provider satisfaction.
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The promise and potential of the CHRONIC Care Act for community-based agencies

Health care providers have little experience coordinating non-medical care outside of clinical settings. The CHRONIC Care Act facilitates needed change, allowing Medicare Advantage plans to partner with community agencies to provide non-medical care for their members.

Quality management: How Georgia adapts to a growing senior population

Examines the essentials to effective quality management that the state of Georgia has learned over nearly two decades. You'll gain a framework to help you launch and maintain a game-changing quality management program in your organization.

The CHRONIC Care Act: What it means for you in 2019

Discover the wide-ranging role of the Chronic Care Act (CCA). States, MCOs, AAAs, health care providers, and non-profits all need to factor the revenue potential of the CCA into their plans for serving adults with complex care needs.

Partnerships between CoCs and health care entities

How CoC and health care entity partnerships are leading to sustainable, successful outcomes for the homeless population.

Technology capabilities list for SUA information systems

When considering technology to manage Aging and Adult Services programs, SUAs and other agencies should use best practice capabilities to establish requirements for vendors and their solutions.

Housing and health care: How CoCs can take the lead in bridging the gap

Learn why Continuums of Care and health systems find collaboration necessary to improve community outcomes, some of the technology challenges they face, and how some are starting to make progress.

Seven essentials for an effective quality management program

Jay Bulot, Ph.D., has spent many years helping states implement quality management programs for Medicaid, aging, and disability agencies. He’s summarized seven key essentials of an effective quality management program based on his experiences.

WellSky helps this VOA agency manage all of its programs in one system

Volunteers of America North Louisiana runs 25 programs, including the case management, fund tracking, compliance reporting – even medical billing – using WellSky.

How states and providers can build better outcomes together

See how Michigan is partnering more closely with human services agencies and healthcare providers to respond to homelessness in the state.

How agencies and hospitals can forge win-win relationships

Learn how human services agencies can work with hospitals to gain funding and enhance the social determinants of health in their community.

7 essentials of an effective quality management program

This step-by-step approach will help you improve care, enhance community health, cut costs and strengthen your provider network.