• Better enable seniors to live independent, quality lives with WellSky®

Better enable seniors to live independent, quality lives with WellSky®

WellSky Human Services (formerly Harmony) helps you stretch Medicaid Waiver dollars further by automating every step of the care process, from eligibility and intake, to assessments and care planning, to claim adjudication and processing. We are passionate about serving you, so you can serve more people in need.

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Our comprehensive solution tracks all client touches and facilitates secure, role-based collaboration among everyone in the care network, reducing duplicative tasks while allowing information to be shared across programs. This, in turn, minimizes the resources needed to deliver long-term care.

Streamlined workflows simplify the data entry process, driving consistency and minimizing errors. Appropriate alerts and messages prompt users based on the data collection needs of each program.

Your providers can receive authorizations, enter case data, and submit claims in multiple ways with WellSky’s powerful care management solution. WellSky pre-adjudicates every provider claim against state Medicaid rules in real-time, notifying providers of any problems and reducing denials.

Access hundreds of standard reports and generate custom reports to assess operational performance, track outcomes, and comply with funding source requirements. WellSky’s platform provides meaningful insights across all programs that can be used to identify trends and issues and maximize performance.

When a claim is submitted and adjudicated, WellSky Human Services breaks out the total amount into the appropriate state and federal match ratios, carefully tracking your state’s payouts. A full array of budgeting utilities and financial reports track performance against the budget precisely, so you can maximize the number of consumers accepted into your program.

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Stretch your Budget

Bring new efficiencies to every area of your program with the experience you gain working with WellSky. Our solutions are accessed online and can be deployed and updated quickly, with no capital requirements and a reduced burden on your IT staff.

Achieve Better Outcomes

Automation, optimized workflows, and aggregated data, along with our experience working closely with experts throughout the care continuum, lead to approaches that yield the best possible outcomes for your state.

Maximize Funding Use

WellSky’s solutions are continually updated to reflect legislative mandates and include embedded industry best practices to ensure you can maximize use of available funding sources and optimally balance quality care with costs.

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