• Improve outcomes across
    behavioral health settings
    with WellSky® Behavioral Health

Improve outcomes across behavioral health settings with WellSky® Behavioral Health

WellSky helps behavioral health providers across hospital inpatient and outpatient settings and ambulatory outpatient and residential facilities deliver safer, more effective care with behavioral-specific functionality. WellSky enables your clinical team to spend less time on documentation and more time on delivering quality care to those in need.

Designed for your success

Better efficiency

WellSky Behavioral Health helps save time capturing and entering data and allows clinicians to spend more time delivering patient care.

Better care delivery

Intuitive design, worklists, and alerts enable effective and safer care delivery to patients while making life easier for clinicians and operational management.

Streamlined operations

WellSky Behavioral Health provides streamlined workflows and improves interdisciplinary team communication and collaboration across clinical and financial teams.

WellSky Behavioral Health is used by thousands of behavioral health facilities across the country to treat mental health and substance abuse conditions and improve the well-being of those in our communities.

Inpatient behavioral health

Inpatient psychiatric hospitals trust WellSky Behavioral Health for acute treatment of mental health and substance use disorders in children and adults. WellSky enables your team to optimize care delivery through the use of intuitive worklists, alerts, and medication prompts including first dose monitoring, prn effectiveness, and medications not charted.

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Hospital outpatient settings

Outpatient care facilities use WellSky Behavioral Health to deliver non-acute behavioral health and substance abuse counseling, therapy, and education to local communities. Clinical documentation with built-in alerts, master treatment plans, and group notes make delivering quality care easy.

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Ambulatory outpatient and residential behavioral health

WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers offers ambulatory and residential behavioral health providers a simple, web-based system that helps you meet the clinical and financial demands of your practice. WellSky offers a full range of clinical templates with customizable alerts and workflows; mobile functionality that equips your team to meet the federal EVV mandate; and a full set of reimbursement tools that help you maximize revenue.

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