• Accelerate testing services without sacrificing safety with WellSky® Blood Centers – Donor Testing

Accelerate testing services without sacrificing safety with WellSky® Blood Centers – Donor Testing

With nearly 40 years of experience in blood solutions, WellSky is dedicated to providing the most reliable, end-to-end testing services, so your staff can efficiently handle high-volume testing for multiple clients. Today, our FDA 510(k) cleared system, WellSky Blood Centers (formerly LifeTrak), ensures you can keep pace with customer demand for testing services, while protecting the safety and integrity of your community’s blood supply.

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Our solution allows data to be shared with sites across time zones while users process daily interactions in their local time zone. In addition, affiliate or merged sites can maintain independent operations within their parent organization. Access controls support individuals that work across multiple sites to manage multi-site reporting and other business needs.

WellSky offers flexible configuration to meet the needs of individual testing labs, as well as the broader enterprise. Easily modify your configuration as your needs change.

Automate exception management based on your rules, even if those rules vary between labs, with our Enhanced Manufacturing Manager. This minimizes the challenges of exception management and simplifies data sharing within and between labs.

Automatically receive data from your test instruments or upload results from other external sources to expedite testing. Integrate any instrument through our Test Result API, significantly reducing your cost of test instrument interfaces.

Integrate with multiple testing instruments, automate client sample receipt and test scheduling by profile or ad hoc test requests, schedule additional tests, cancel scheduled tests, and place alerts on samples, thus reducing redundant entries, manual errors, and overall paperwork.

Blood centers donor testing software designed for your needs.


WellSky supports enterprise-level donor testing services. Whether you are testing small volumes or millions of tests annually, WellSky Blood Centers – Donor Testing has proven reliability, scalability, and interoperability.

Control of Testing

WellSky Blood Centers – Donor Testing offers control of testing at multiple levels, either in instrument testing or manual testing.


WellSky’s proven open APIs allow you to maintain data integrity while obtaining the data you need in a controlled and secure exchange.

WellSky tests nearly 40% of the blood supply in the U.S., and that number is growing rapidly

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“As we expand and streamline Versiti, we are pleased to have [WellSky] partner with us in bringing [WellSky Blood Centers] to all of Versiti – helping us become One Versiti. [WellSky] has provided a system that balances flexibility, with excellent cGMP controls. Because [WellSky] also has developed an open integration framework, a flexible manufacturing management module, and a willingness to listen to the unique requirements of Versiti and other partner vendors, we are able to respond to the changing demands and landscape of the transfusion medicine industry.”