• Ensure patient safety and manage the unique needs of correctional health with WellSky®

Ensure patient safety and manage the unique needs of correctional health with WellSky®

Developed by pharmacists, WellSky Medication Management (formerly Ascend), leverages four decades of experience building solutions designed to ensure the highest level of patient care and safety. We understand your challenges and provide the built-in tools you need for effective medication management within one flexible system. Together, we can support the unique requirements of your guards, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists.

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WellSky Medication Management gives you a holistic view of each patient. Track your patients through the continuum of care with screens and safety checks that alert you of potential problems before they happen.

Maintain medication visibility with WellSky Medication Management. With our full-spectrum inventory controls, reduce medication waste and associated costs, while ensuring you never run out of the medications you need.

Reduce operational errors with robust tools that track medications from order to delivery. WellSky Medication Management can validate the clinical appropriateness of the order and integrate with automated dispensing systems to ensure accurate patient care.

Ensure patient safety with configurable administration parameters and automated dose reminders. WellSky Medication Management fully supports tapered dose prescriptions and linked orders.

Make sound decisions for your patients and for your business with actionable insights from WellSky Medication Management. Leverage built-in business management features like robust billing and reimbursement capabilities along with dynamic reporting and analysis.

Optimize financial performance with built-in controls. WellSky Medication Management includes full accounts receivable functionality, in-depth financial reporting exchange with major health information systems and third-party insurance billing and claims processing.

WellSky Medication Management adapts to the unique needs of your organization. Our customizable solution interfaces bidirectionally with electronic health records, and communicates with automated dispensing cabinets, jail management systems, and other systems in your technology ecosystem.

Designed for your success

Maximize Patient Safety

Keep patients safe with easy-to-use tools that ensure the right medication is delivered to the right patient at the right time.

Ensure Compliance

WellSky Medication Management helps improve patient compliance with automated clinical tools that let you easily track medications from order to delivery.

Improve Efficiency

Ready-to-use reports provide actionable insights you can use to make sound business decisions for you and your patients.

Designed to meet the specific needs of correctional health facilities

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