• Improve quality and streamline regulatory compliance and accreditation with WellSky®

Improve quality and streamline regulatory compliance and accreditation with WellSky®

WellSky Quality & Compliance (formerly KnowledgeTrak) simplifies quality processes, document management, training, and competencies to help you meet regulatory compliance and maintain facility accreditation. Together, we can improve quality and efficiency while reducing risk, allowing your staff to focus on improved patient outcomes.

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Our learning management system (LMS) is specifically designed for compliance in the regulated healthcare industry. Using processes designed to meet FDA, AABB, and regulatory requirements, the LMS can easily schedule and manage complex requirements and send follow-up and escalation notices.

WellSky Quality & Compliance will schedule and deliver competencies to demonstrate that staff members meet skill requirements, with evidentiary documentation and signatures collected electronically. Our solution will help you achieve the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance required for laboratories and blood banks, which most corporate LMS systems are not equipped to address.

Our comprehensive document management system (DMS) manages all of your policies, SOPs, forms, and other documents, providing complete version control and change history. Our online processes streamline everything from review and approval, to deployment and biennial regulatory reviews.

WellSky Quality & Compliance provides comprehensive tools to manage your facilities’ accreditations and ensure you are always ready for an inspection. Link your documents with accreditation checklists, and keep everything up to date as changes occur.

Designed for your success

Improve quality

Automated assignment and distribution of policies, procedures, training, and competencies ensure that everyone is current with the latest version of every requirement that impacts their job.

Increase efficiency

WellSky Quality & Compliance automates tedious and time-consuming tasks and notifies you when attention is needed, freeing up time to pursue higher priorities.

Reduce risk

WellSky automatically notifies staff to ensure training, compliance, and accreditation requirements are completed on time and escalated as necessary to avoid issues of non-compliance.

200+ of the largest and most respected blood centers and hospital chains use WellSky Quality & Compliance

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