• Meet WellSky®

Meet WellSky®

WellSky delivers software and services to transform an ever-growing range of care services worldwide. We anticipate the needs of care providers and communities, empowering them with insights and solutions, so both businesses and communities flourish. Building on a history of excellence and a reputation for quality, WellSky – formerly Mediware Information Systems and Kinnser Software – enables providers to deliver exceptional care, improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and meet the challenges of their rapidly changing industries.

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Our commitment

At WellSky, we believe that we have come to a pivotal point in the history of the health care and human services industries. Increased regulation, provider consolidation, and value-based reimbursement are rapidly changing industry landscapes. Providers are seeking a partner who can bridge the gaps in the continuum of care, make seamless care transitions, and develop solutions that enable care providers to impact well-being.

The populations that our customers serve rely on them for their health and welfare, and as their partners, we have a responsibility to support their efforts. With our rich history and comprehensive services, we are uniquely positioned to help shape what care means across communities with a desire to do the right thing for every individual or patient, every time. Because of this unique position, we are fundamentally changing the way we work to better enable care everywhere. To communicate this substantive change – a new era – we are announcing our new vision and demonstrating it through the way we look, speak, sound, and behave.

Our customers and their communities are driving forces for the shift that we are making, and because of that, they can expect:

  • A change in the way we think about care, with focused attention on our customers and the communities they serve. Our customers’ success is what gives our work greater impact and meaning.
  • A responsive partnership, as we work beside our customers to understand their needs and those of the communities that they serve.
  • A deeper focus on the challenges that each of our customers’ respective communities presents, so that we can address those needs with more specificity and precision.
  • A proactive approach, using data intelligently, to recognize greater benefits across all of our customers’ communities.
  • Technologies designed to seamlessly enable our customers to better manage costs so that they can expand the reach of their care, and focus their impact on the communities they serve.

Our vision

Three trends will define the next decade of care.

A rapidly aging population

To address the growing needs of baby boomers, care is shifting its focus from the hospital and other institutions towards less expensive settings.

Value-based reimbursement

Providers are being held accountable for patient outcomes, encouraging investments in preventative care.

Machine learning/artificial intelligence

Care decisions of the future will be informed by insights from powerful, real-time predictive and prescriptive algorithms.

The rapidly-changing landscape has necessitated the need for reinvention. WellSky has a new vision for our role in the communities that we serve. We are committed to bringing care providers together to elevate the quality of care. Together we will strive to create and maintain a healthy, flourishing world.

Our innovation

As WellSky, we will continue our commitment to relentless innovation that anticipates customer needs and delivers exceptional care. Our company will be a dynamic force that empowers and connects care providers. WellSky has grown, but we have never stopped innovating. Today, 20% of our annual revenue is reinvested into research and development. Throughout our history as Mediware Information Systems and Kinnser Software, we’ve introduced breakthrough solutions across a host of disciplines and community organizations. As WellSky, we will continue with this uncompromising growth mindset.

Our impact


  • FDA 510(k) cleared system for blood banks
  • The blood compliance solution for U.S. Department of Defense facilities worldwide
  • +450 transfusion sites worldwide
  • +20,000 cord blood and tissue donors registered


  • +4,500 home health and hospice agencies
  • +34 million billable visits in 12 months
  • +$11 billion Medicare claims processed
  • +200,000 care tasks every day

Practices & Facilities

  • +50 million blood donor tests annually
  • +22 million rehab treatments in 12 months
  • +2.3 million rehab patients served in 12 months
  • +135 medication management facilities
    (including 34 correctional health facilities)


  • +35,000 daily users
  • +3,000 agencies providing services
  • Used by majority of Area Agencies on Aging
  • Used by majority of HUD Continuums of Care
  • Customer organizations in 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., and Canada

Our presence

WellSky serves more than 10,000 client organizations across the United States. We also have an international presence in Canada, Ireland, Britain, South Africa, Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Singapore.

Our clients include some of the nation’s largest and most important hospital systems, post-acute care franchises, state agencies, and human services organizations.