• Speed delivery and enhance patient safety with WellSky® Transfusion

Speed delivery and enhance patient safety with WellSky® Transfusion

Keep patients safe with the software solution blood bank managers have trusted for more than 30 years. WellSky Transfusion (formerly HCLL Transfusion) supports quality patient care and drives efficiency by streamlining collaboration among the blood bank, lab, physicians, and nurses. Together, we can ensure smarter and safer blood management through our comprehensive platform.

Discover the benefits of WellSky blood bank software

WellSky Transfusion performs more than 60 built-in automated safety checks at critical times throughout the process including 15 at the time of transfusion to help hospitals keep patients safe.

WellSky Transfusion helps you maintain appropriate levels of blood product inventory and minimize wastage with an at-a-glance view of product availability. Color-coded charts indicate product inventory status and provide a simple way to view the number of products within specific expiration date ranges.

WellSky provides built-in reports, as well as integration with WellSky Transfusion Analytics (formerly HCLL Analytics), that streamline utilization, inventory management, and patient history reports to decrease waste and increase efficiency. Clinical, financial, and operations teams can quickly access the comprehensive data they need.

Dashboards display a wide variety of data you need to manage blood bank operations in a single view. Streamlined entry allows you to complete several tasks without extra navigation, saving you time and helping you deliver blood products quickly.

WellSky Transfusion allows end-to-end communications with electronic health record and laboratory systems, instrumentation, billing applications, remote storage devices, and outside donor centers. Hospitals can coordinate patient care across the organization with confidence.

Designed for your success

Safeguard Your Patients

Continuously assure patient safety, product quality, and regulatory compliance throughout the blood management process with our FDA 510(k) cleared device, WellSky Transfusion.

Increase Visibility

Our web-based platform creates the level of visibility you need to deliver ideal outcomes. View all operations at a glance, while maintaining access to detailed patient-level information.

Improve Efficiency

WellSky eliminates duplicate efforts in the blood bank and at the bedside. System integrations automate orders and test results, update product status with EMRs, and exchange information with lab information and blood donor systems.

WellSky Transfusion has been tested and proven at hundreds of facilities around the world.

Expand the power of WellSky Transfusion.

See why blood banks love WellSky Transfusion

“The functionality of [WellSky Transfusion] — with testing, electronic cross-matching, issuing, and other functions — has created efficiencies in our department.”

“We selected [WellSky Transfusion] out of all the other software platforms because we felt it provided the greatest safety for our patients, and [WellSky] had the most experience integrating to Epic.”

About WellSky

WellSky is a technology company advancing human wellness worldwide. Our software and professional services address the continuum of health and social care — helping businesses, organizations, and communities solve tough challenges, improve collaboration for growth, and achieve better outcomes through predictive insights. People who choose a life of caring — and the organizations and communities they serve — deserve a special kind of support.

So we help them to care smarter. Liberating them to focus on the people they serve. Providing solutions that make work flow, integrate insights, and update effortlessly. So they’re able to anticipate — and exponentially increase — the impact of care. Informed by more than 30 years of providing software and expertise, our purpose is to empower care heroes with technology for good, so that together, we can realize care’s potential and maintain a healthy, flourishing world.