• Maximize results at your private practice with WellSky® Rehabilitation

Maximize results at your private practice with WellSky® Rehabilitation

WellSky Rehabilitation (formerly MediLinks) goes beyond the basic functions of documentation and billing. WellSky provides full practice management, helping your business maximize results and provide the best care possible for your patients.

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Practice Management

Simplify and streamline complex practice management workflows with WellSky private practice rehabilitation solutions. We help your business maximize efficiency with notifications and alerts; simplify complex scheduling; and manage documentation, charge capture, and the patient plan of care. WellSky equips your practice with the  meaningful financial data you need to make informed business decisions.


Ensure compliance with configurable, defensible documentation and charge capture. With WellSky, you can create clear, legible charts; increase accuracy and speed of documentation and charge capture; simplify plan of care management; and track patient activity and progress on time, every time.

Revenue Maximization & Protection

Optimize operations with data captured in WellSky to make timely practice management decisions. Charge capture data flows automatically from documentation into billing, resulting in faster submissions, fewer errors, and better connection to payers.

Patient Experience

Leverage workflow, data, and outcomes to support effective patient management and deliver exceptional care. WellSky provides solutions to better utilize patient and clinic outcomes for managing the value and quality of care. Our solutions integrate with outcome and patient engagement providers to create an approach that shows impact to the patients’ functional restoration.

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WellSky’s proactive workflow notifications alert you to critical actions, ensuring your team can take the right action for the right patient at the right time.


Our web-based service reduces startup costs and eliminates IT hassles, and our flexible solution bundles allow you to purchase the right solution for your needs.


Provide exceptional care using WellSky’s capabilities to leverage workflow, data, and outcomes to support effective patient management.

In the last 12 months, 20,462 practitioners provided 22,269,212+ treatments with WellSky.

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“With [WellSky], evaluation time was cut significantly, and we all really love that!”

“[WellSky] has been a great purchase for our multidisciplinary clinics. The compliance has been the greatest asset to this product. The research and end result that this team puts into their product with the CMS rules is outstanding.”

“[WellSky] provides phenomenal customer service including onsite initial training and continual check in from the SLP and OT software engineers, fast turnaround time with responses to problems that arise, and friendly and knowledgeable support staff.”

In the last 12 months, 20,462 practitioners have trusted WellSky to provide more than 22,269,212 treatments.

“With [WellSky], therapists have more time to plan for their clients, consult with families, and complete make-up treatment sessions.”

“We used to keep track of our Medicaid amounts and our insurance allowables by hand or on paper. Now [WellSky] is tracking those visits for us, so we’re not having to do that manually.”

In the last 12 months, rehab therapy providers have served more than 2,346,204 patients using WellSky across 1,436 facilities.

“[WellSky] has streamlined our billing, scheduling, and our ability to stay in contact with families… It has been such a great thing for our company!”