• Drive better patient outcomes with WellSky® Biotherapies Clinic

Drive better patient outcomes with WellSky® Biotherapies Clinic

Our end-to-end transplant management system provides a comprehensive view of the transplant process, so you can manage your patients, products, and donors all in one place. Together, we can help caregivers and patients communicate better, while simplifying donor selection and automating compliance and reporting. WellSky Biotherapies Clinic (formerly Transtem) manages the details, so you can focus on providing quality care.

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Our donor management component allows you to collect and analyze key information for all potential donors, enhancing and accelerating the donor selection process for your patients.

Centralize your patient data with patient home pages that give your clinicians and care teams instant access to all the information needed to evaluate treatments and improve outcomes.

Manage and analyze data for clinical trials across all phases in real-time to enhance safety and assess efficacy. Automated reports to study sponsors and requesting agencies drive new process efficiencies and increased compliance.

WellSky Biotherapies Clinic lets you submit patient outcomes in one click. Manage timely submissions with form assignments and status updates, as well as auto-population and validation of CIBMTR forms, and electronic data submission through AGNIS. We also provide fully automated  American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT) Request for Information (RFI) reports for program and clinical outcomes data segments.

WellSky Biotherapies Clinic empowers you to perform more advanced statistical analysis with existing data and systems, such as Kaplan-Meier Analysis, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Correlation Analysis, and more without having to move your data.

As CIBMTR data requirements continue to change, we keep the platform updated to ensure compliance with form versions and data submissions, so you can focus on managing successful transplants.

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Improved Care Coordination

We give your care teams instant access to all the data needed to deliver quality care throughout the transplant process, including collection and processing of data, test results, care plans, and post-infusion assessments.

Streamlined Data Entry

WellSky Biotherapies Clinic integrates with Electronic Health Records systems and auto-populates CIBMTR forms, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing opportunities for errors.

New Insights

WellSky aggregates siloed data into reports that better position your organization to monitor performance, share critical information, and drive research initiatives.

An application specific to your needs with both Lab and Clinic solutions

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“The [WellSky] application is a user friendly database with an excellent reporting system for creating canned and/or custom reports, as well as RFI reporting. Completing the CIBMTR forms through [WellSky Biotherapies Clinic] via AGNIS is simple and also user friendly. The staff are gracious, knowledgeable, and sincerely dedicated to the needs and requirements of their client. I am very pleased with [WellSky] and the [WellSky Biotherapies Clinic] database system and would highly recommend the database application for other Stem Cell Transplant Programs.”