Back on track: Using telehealth and outcomes data to market and re-open during COVID-19

Join experienced physical therapist, Nikki Rasmussen, PT, Cert. MDT as she guides outpatient rehabilitation providers through telehealth and outcomes marketing strategies that will help facilities reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Evidence For The Value of Home-Based Care, informed by 1+ Million Patient-Years

Join us for a round table webinar sponsored by Home Health Care News featuring former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, along with WellSky CEO Bill Miller, and Geoff Nudd, CEO of WellSky’s ClearCare business, who will discuss bold views for the future of home-based care in response to COVID-19 and beyond.

Student homelessness and the effects of COVID-19

Millions of children in the United States experience homelessness. Discover the full extent of this problem, and how your community can respond both to the broader problem of youth homelessness, as well as specific issues created by COVID-19.
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YOUR AGENCY vs. COVID-19: The legal, compliance, and operational issues home health & hospice leaders must understand to win

Join a team of three renowned home health/hospice experts to get up to date on the many rapid changes spanning legal, compliance, and operational issues related to COVID-19.

Restoring lung growth with intranasal delivery of stem cells

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is a devastating lung condition that develops in premature newborns. Dr. Alvaro Moreira presents on advances in regenerative medicine that may provide a novel approach to BPD.

Preparing for a PBM Audit

Tune in to Jeffrey Baird and Bradley Howard as they walk us through how to prepare for a PBM audit.

Interoperability for rehabilitation providers: Interoperability 101

With the goal of improving coordinated care and improved patient outcomes, this topic directly impacts rehabilitation providers. Join Kyle Meadors, Principal Consultant at Chart Lux Consulting, as he assists you in understanding what interoperability means by translating confusing IT jargon into meaningful concepts.

Product Demo: Specialty Pharmacy | Sign Up Now!

Free product Demo | Solving for specialty pharmacies' top concerns with Citus Health.

Product Demo: Home Infusion

Free product Demo | Patient and Clinical Engagement Solutions for Home Infusion by WellSky and Citus Health.