• Connect people in need to the right agencies with WellSky®

Connect people in need to the right agencies with WellSky®

Information & referral (I&R) agencies are vital in addressing the social determinants of health (SDoH), and WellSky Community Services (formerly ServicePoint) can help. Agencies such as 2-1-1’s, aging & disability resource centers, crisis hotlines, and other I&R agencies use WellSky to close referral loops using outcomes data to inform better care.

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WellSky Community Services empowers you to populate data from phone systems and equip your call center staff to log contacts, capture client data, assess needs, determine eligibility, and generate referrals to appropriate providers.

With WellSky, you can convert your provider data into a searchable I&R website or app. This self-service system brings people in need closer to the providers who can help.

Generate new insights with advanced reporting and data visualization tools to tell the story of how your organization is meeting community needs. Go beyond simply reporting services delivered and better highlight the outcomes your provider network achieves.

WellSky enables all of your community providers to work from the same database. This shared approach lets you close the referral loop and collaborate toward person-focused care.

Leverage your curated set of resource data to develop new community partnerships. WellSky supports a variety of means for sharing access to up-to-date resource information stored directly in your WellSky Community Services database.

Designed for your success

Close the referral loop

Improve referral quality with needs assessments, eligibility screening, and outcome tracking.  See referral results to better fit callers’ needs.

Share data with partners

Easily share data with healthcare organizations and other key partners to ensure reliable access to up-to-date curated resource information.

Strengthen your leadership

Serve your communities in ways that “bot directories” can’t. Get tools to advocate for change, oversee performance, and lead with compassion.

Agencies across the U.S. use WellSky to connect people to resources

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