• Streamline pharmacy management and expand your business with CareTend powered by WellSky®

Streamline pharmacy management and expand your business with CareTend powered by WellSky®

With CareTend, save time, fulfill orders quicker, and maximize growth with real-time business intelligence tools. Built to manage compliance and the complex workflows unique to specialty pharmacies, our all-in-one solution helps your business operate efficiently and profitably. Learn why WellSky has been named the market-leading solution for consecutive years.

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Ensure drugs are dispensed on time using real-time workflow queues that prevent orders from falling through the cracks. Accelerate the intake process, identify processing issues, and fulfill orders faster with CareTend.

CareTend’s revenue management solution enables you to compete for more drug contracts and grow your business. Expand your limited-distribution contracts with custom reports that show your pharmacy is qualified to participate in limited networks.

Simplify billing and maximize pharmacy revenue with CareTend. By automating your billing, your pharmacy can easily send complete claims the first time and take on more contracts to maximize growth.

Save time with real-time business intelligence tools that eliminate manual reporting and provide visibility into your operations like never before. CareTend simplifies complex pharmacy reporting with reports you can create and automate easily.

Evaluate outcomes and improve transparency by giving your staff the flexibility to access CareTend from any location. With data available at your fingertips, patients benefit from timely service without delay.

Electronically store patient data securely with CareTend. By storing all documentation in the system, you can quickly and easily respond to audits and documentation requests.

We provide you with the compliance tools you need to satisfy payer, manufacturer, and accreditation requirements with ease. Feel comfortable knowing your pharmacy is compliant, freeing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

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Ease of Use

We designed CareTend for specialty pharmacy to be intuitive and easy to use so you can stay on top of your business from all angles.


CareTend enables you to keep track of the data you need to maximize efficiency and drive profitability.


We combine everything your specialty pharmacy needs into an all-in-one solution that automates your entire business operation.

More specialty pharmacies rely on WellSky’s software than any other

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