• A solution tailored to
    palliative providers caring
    for people with chronic illnesses

A solution tailored to palliative providers caring for people with chronic illnesses

WellSky Palliative™ is innovative software that empowers palliative providers to grow their programs and better care for patients. From care planning to coding, WellSky Palliative technology delivers solutions purpose-built to assist providers in today’s ever-evolving palliative care industry, helping them elevate care for people with chronic illnesses.

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Configurable encounter charting

WellSky Palliative optimizes the clinician charting experience by encouraging customization of clinical workflows. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality lets clinicians easily identify which charting elements they want to use, while also configuring those elements into a streamlined workflow that makes charting quicker, easier, and more patient-centric.

Provider billing

Our palliative care solution is fully equipped to facilitate physician-fee-schedule billing. WellSky Palliative software also accommodates per-payer fee schedules and delivers a seamless claim process for palliative encounters.


WellSky Palliative software was rigorously reviewed to become fully DEA-certified, and our solution easily transmits prescriptions to thousands of available network pharmacies. With our technology, palliative providers can simplify and streamline e-prescribing.

Tailored dashboards

WellSky Palliative software features discipline-specific dashboards, so users can quickly access the information and tools they need to deliver care. Users can personalize their dashboard displays by functional role, so they can easily get information relevant to their specific role and their patients’ needs.

Offline capabilities

WellSky understands that palliative care delivery doesn’t always happen in settings with internet connections or Wi-Fi. That’s why we deliver technology that lets clinicians continue to care for patients, regardless of internet connection. WellSky Palliative’s offline charting capability is unmatched, and it works seamlessly in the background to ensure patient documentation is accessible when and where you need it.

Designed for your success


WellSky recognizes the financial challenges of providing palliative care in today’s environment of rapidly changing payment models, and we have priced our solution accordingly.

Web-based and mobile

Our solution is device agnostic, so you can use the tools that best suit your charting style, including smartphones and tablets.

Easy to use

WellSky Palliative provides workflow customizations that help providers focus on what’s most important: delivering exceptional patient care. Palliative care providers can customize encounter types to meet their needs and the needs of their patients.

Over 10,000 patients receive care through WellSky Palliative

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