• Maximize outcomes for your aging and disability population with WellSky®

Maximize outcomes for your aging and disability population with WellSky®

WellSky Aging & Disability (formerly SAMS) enables agencies, providers, caregivers, and family members to maximize outcomes through coordinated home and community-based care. We work with hundreds of Area Agencies on Aging and several Aging and Disability Resource Centers in support of the Older Americans Act and other services funded by grants and local funds.

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WellSky automates every step of the care process, from eligibility and intake, to assessments and care planning, to financial processing.

Streamlined workflows simplify the data entry process, driving consistency and minimizing errors. Appropriate alerts and messages prompt users based on the data collection needs of each program.

Our comprehensive solution tracks all client touches and facilitates secure, role-based collaboration among everyone in the care network, reducing duplicative tasks while allowing information to be shared across programs. This, in turn, minimizes the resources needed to deliver long-term care.

Access hundreds of standard reports and generate custom reports to assess operational performance, track outcomes, and comply with funding source requirements. WellSky’s platform provides meaningful insights across all programs that can be used to identify trends and issues and maximize performance.

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WellSky Aging & Disability’s care management system supports the full delivery life cycle, from initial inquiry or referral to assessment, service delivery, and reporting.

Support More Programs

Adjust business processes without custom development, and incorporate additional programs such as Care Transitions or State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). WellSky’s configurable solution supports new requirements that emerge with evolving program needs.


WellSky Aging & Disability’s web-based solution is fast to implement, without costly infrastructure investments.

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“We have integrated the software into every facet of what we do, from the initial ADRC phone call to the referrals and maintaining a living, breathing waiting list, we incorporate all of our providers and communicate via the system, our waiver programs, our dental program, every program we have. We track and run reports on a lot of information, and having everything in one database definitely helps to get one very large picture of what we’re doing and the impact.

[WellSky] has made an invested effort in the field of aging, and I know they stay on top of the trends, what’s going on in the community, what’s going on at the federal level, and they are modifying the product to keep up with those trends. “