• Streamline staffing needs with WellSky® acute rehab & respiratory solutions

Streamline staffing needs with WellSky® acute rehab & respiratory solutions

WellSky Rehabilitation (formerly MediLinks) helps you provide optimal patient care with software solutions that are designed and optimized to meet regulatory requirement changes, boost staff productivity, and increase revenue.

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Complex Staffing Needs

Simplify and streamline complex patient management workflows with our acute rehabilitation & respiratory solutions. We help your business ensure patients receive optimal care by using real-time data to determine the appropriate level of staffing, reduce overtime, and save your facility money.

Compliance and Protocols

Ensure compliance with configurable, defensible documentation and charge capture. With WellSky, you can create clear, legible charts; increase accuracy and speed of documentation and charge capture; simplify and manage treatments and orders; and track patient activity and progress on time, every time.

Efficient Documentation

Chart effectively and efficiently with documentation templates specifically designed for acute rehabilitation and respiratory care. Capture patient information and transfer data automatically from one template to another with WellSky’s solution that seamlessly integrates with any EHR.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Transform data into meaningful, actionable information with WellSky’s acute rehabilitation and respiratory reporting capabilities. Manage costs by reviewing department revenue, number of procedures performed, and work units required. Measure and analyze performance by tracking treatments ordered, completed, canceled, or missed.

Designed for your success


Improve labor management, make patient assignments a breeze, and quickly and easily assess your patients so your team can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional care to patients.


Track therapist total productivity with WellSky’s automated charting and billing tools.


Our experience working with the top rehabilitation and respiratory providers across the country, combined with clinical experts on staff, has resulted in the creation of comprehensive documentation templates and supported workflows that are efficient and compliant.

Rely on WellSky to transform data into meaningful and actionable information

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WellSky provides solutions which facilitate management and prioritization of orders and specific treatments that must be done for a given patient. Our tools ensure compliance and timely completion of orders and documentation for evaluation, treatment, and discharge management of a patient’s problems, goals, and overall plan of care. Leveraging 25 years of healthcare experience, we deliver a complete solution for the acute care rehabilitation and respiratory settings.

Reduce costs and ensure optimal staff levels at all times with WellSky. Our WTS uses your EHR’s interfaced orders and assigns therapists based on relative value units – helping you properly staff your department.

See why hospitals love WellSky

“I would recommend [WellSky] as a must-have for any respiratory therapy department manager or director.”

In the last 12 months, 20,462 practitioners have trusted WellSky to provide more than 22,269,212 treatments.

“The biggest advantage of using [WellSky] is that we are able to customize our templates and flow sheets according to the type of therapy, or [regulatory] changes whereas with a big box system those changes can take months to implement. “

“[WellSky] has done well keeping up with healthcare changes in the industry and providing the tools necessary for us to customize our workflow in our system to be the best system possible.”

In the last 12 months, rehab therapy providers have served more than 2,346,204 patients using WellSky across 1,436 facilities.

“With [WellSky], we’re able to capture all charges. This has resulted in a revenue increase that far exceeds the initial cost of [WellSky].”

“[WellSky] provided the information we needed to adjust our staffing to meet the real needs of each shift. With these changes, we cut overtime by $250,000 this year alone.”