• Power the future of medicine with WellSky® Biotherapies Lab solutions

Power the future of medicine with WellSky® Biotherapies Lab solutions

With WellSky Biotherapies Lab (formerly Transtem), you have a comprehensive laboratory management system that maximizes your resources, scales your production, and accelerates your team’s understanding of therapeutic potential and outcomes. Cell therapy and biotherapy labs are pioneering new pathways in the field of medicine, and we will be your technology partner every step of the way.

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With WellSky, not only can you configure custom forms and procedures, but you can also improve documentation of manufacturing processes through tools such as auto-calculations, dynamic grids, workflow triggers and alerts, prescribed variabilities, and electronic signatures – streamlining processes for your staff while ensuring quality and compliance.

WellSky Biotherapies Lab is fully integrated with Digi-Trax’s Hema-Trax® -CT, simplifying the process of printing ISBT-128 compliant labels for products and samples. You can also print labels for collection kits, equipment, and reagents/consumables, allowing for instant association of these elements to the batch product record.

View the status of your equipment with a single click. Dedicated home pages for each piece of equipment allow you to enter and upload critical information, print labels, and assign use statuses.  Additionally, WellSky Biotherapies Lab saves you time and supports QA initiatives by fully automating preventative maintenance management and eliminating paper logs.

Lot-specific home pages drive the capture of critical data points such as manufacturer lot number and expiration date, while also supporting the upload of key documentation such as C of A. Additionally, impact analysis has never been easier. In the event of a recall, simply open the lot home page to see all products associated to the lot – no more spending hours pulling paper files.

Through WellSky’s ability to interface with critical laboratory instruments such as hematology analyzers and flow cytometers, testing labs and hospital EHRs, you can reduce manual data entry and potential for error – saving you time while increasing quality.

Tightening regulations will have an impact on laboratory operations. WellSky includes several features such as label scan verifications, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) management, and a comprehensive audit trail on the field level to aid in compliance with existing and emerging standards.

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Streamline Operations

Maximize your ability to expand processing capability and improve quality with powerful tools, decreased batch review and release times, and instrument interfaces.

Drive Product Collection

WellSky provides comprehensive management of donation and collection processes across multiple service lines and requirements.

Harness Your Data

Integrated data can be analyzed through user-friendly reporting tools, including advanced statistical methods, so you can access your data when and how you need it. Improved access to data will help drive CPI efforts, research, and the tracking and trending of process outcomes.

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“We enjoy having a system that’s easy to navigate with a straightforward custom report builder that allows us to access our data when and how we need it. This is one of many ways [WellSky Biotherapies Lab] has streamlined processes and optimized workflows in our laboratory.”