• Improve care delivery
    and operations with
    WellSky LTACH™

Improve care delivery and operations with WellSky LTACH™

WellSky LTACH (formerly HCS Interactant®) is a scalable and comprehensive health care information system built for long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs). Our solution is designed to help LTACHs improve clinical and financial functions and leverage valuable insights across your entire organization.

The solution LTACHs trust

Electronic health records (EHR)

WellSky LTACH’s EHR streamlines previously manual processes to increase efficiencies. Your LTACHs can increase productivity and save time and money — all while allowing providers to prioritize exceptional patient care.

Revenue cycle management (RCM)

Our comprehensive RCM solution automates all administrative and clinical functions for capturing, managing, and collecting revenue — from pre-administration to final remittance.


Financial management

Our LTACH solution delivers powerful financial tools that simplifies business functions and departmental workflows. Gain multi-facility consolidation of accounts payable, general ledger, materials management, facilities management, and fixed assets.

Business intelligence

Dynamic reporting and analytics provide a global view of business operations and data visualization through easily accessible reports and graphs. Customizable views of operational EHR data enable you to evaluate trends and make informed decisions.

Mobile access

Accessible from your mobile device, WellSky LTACH provides greater flexibility and real-time updates to help you deliver smarter, improved patient care. Remote users can securely collaborate and communicate with team members and update medical records for immediate review.

Designed for your success


Leverage comprehensive, industry-leading workflows and seamless integration across your LTACH’s entire health record and billing system.


Our intuitive design, work lists, and alerts empower more effective, safer care delivery to patients, while also simplifying your clinicians’ day-to-day work.


WellSky LTACH features built-in, consolidated reporting for multisite providers, and it easily scales as your organization grows.

Over 30% of LTACHs use WellSky LTACH

Extend the power of WellSky LTACH

See why organizations love WellSky LTACH

“WellSky LTACH supports the unique rules that LTACHs need to be successful in a challenging time.”

“WellSky LTACH stood out for its ability to meet the needs of LTACHs and to holistically manage both the clinical and financial operations.”

“We have a standard process now that is key to our success and positive outcomes for our patients. From capturing referrals with mobile marketing to billing, WellSky is a true end-to-end solution.”