• Improve your agency’s bottom line with WellSky’s™ HIPAA-compliant DDE and Payer Connection software

Improve your agency’s bottom line with WellSky’s™ HIPAA-compliant DDE and Payer Connection software

The WellSky DDE & Payer Connection software solutions developed by MEDTranDirect provide powerful tools for home health and hospice agencies. These include a Notice of Election Tracker that validates data, clarifies status, and avoids penalties; connections portals to Medicare and non-Medicare payers; and claims-processing tools. Our solutions are backed by 30 years of experience and help agencies eliminate thousands of dollars in lost monthly revenue.

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WellSky offers a first-of-its-kind software that validates data, clarifies status, and helps your agency avoid penalties. You will eliminate thousands of dollars in lost monthly revenue and excessive hours spent on data entry/re-entry and appeals diligence.

Our connections portal for Medicare providers includes DDE, real-time eligibility verification, and claims transfer. You will also be able to check eligibility for any payer outside of Medicare.

Our comprehensive solution processes 835s from any payer and gives your team the payment reconciliation, trend analysis, denial management reporting, and analytics tools to improve your agency’s bottom line.

With WellSky, you can create 837 institutional and professional claims for your practice, agency, billing service, and more. Claims are verified against 837 specifications and 7000+ business rules developed from our 20 years of claims processing experience.

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At WellSky, you will pay one price for software, support and updates, and have access to free trials or live product demonstrations.


Our solutions are fully HIPAA-compliant with authentication, usage, and storage policies in place. In addition, you will be able to store your billing and payment data history in our secure data center.


Our solutions include 7,000+ built-in business rules that scrub billing data to catch errors before claim submission, as well as analytics to target the data most important to your organization.

WellSky saves home health and hospice agencies thousands in lost monthly revenue

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“[Payer Connection] provides direct access to the CMS HETS system. Through this service, we can get instant and unlimited Medicare eligibility reports from any computer, any time.”

“From the beginning of our relationship with [WellSky’s] MEDTranDirect, we were extremely encouraged by their willingness to modify their system to meet our needs. The software is extremely valuable and user-friendly. No matter how small the issue is, the staff is always available. In short, we strongly recommend this system. [WellSky’s] MEDTranDirect offers a high quality product and personal assistance, and their desire to accommodate our needs helps us be successful.”

“The website is very user friendly and the staff finds it much easier to pull up a remit online rather than search through filing cabinets for a paper copy. I’ve personally found the software to be a huge time saver when trying to determine what CAS code a payer attached to a claim, [835 Claims Processing] clearly displays each CAS code rather than me hunting through the raw 835. The support from [835 Claims Processing] has also been terrific. I haven’t come across any issue that hasn’t been timely and effectively resolved.”