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WellSky is passionate about connecting communities to more effectively assist people in need. Our deep expertise in human services serves as the foundation for our leading aging and disability and community services solutions. Partner with us to transform your information and referral capabilities with solutions for human services agencies performing information and referral/assistance, 2-1-1, crisis hotline, and specialized I&R activities.

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Contact Center

Create a complete information and referral management tool within your WellSky system. Log contacts, capture information about people in need, and refer them to the most appropriate community services providers.

Resource Directory

Resource Directory is a fast and cost-effective way to establish a searchable online resource. Provide your community with a modern, mobile-friendly website that brings those in need closer to the providers who can help.

Tracking and Reporting

Track inquiries across contact channels, capture inquiry data, and generate reports that satisfy funding and accreditation requirements. Our advanced reporting and data visualization tools allow users to leverage their data to creatively tell the story of community needs and how their organization is helping to address them.

Client Profile

With WellSky, you can build a client record to store information that follows the person to increase client satisfaction, see previous contacts, needs, referrals, case notes, services provided, and outcomes over time.


Unlike one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf software, WellSky solutions give you the ability to customize the data you collect on contacts/clients and within the service provider record. Configure your forms to reflect the unique data collection and outcome reporting needs of your organization.

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Improve Referral Quality

WellSky can improve the quality of your referrals by quickly comparing client information to program eligibility criteria and instantly viewing eligibility results to find programs that best fit callers’ needs.

Optimize Workflows

Reduce paperwork, eliminate extra steps, and increase referrals. WellSky makes it easy to enter and maintain service provider records/listings.

Gain Efficiencies

Populate data from telephony systems into a new contact record to increase accuracy, minimize errors, and serve higher volumes of clients with streamlined intake processes.

Agencies across the country rely on WellSky’s 2-1-1 technology to connect people to resources

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