• Protect your vulnerable population more effectively with WellSky®

Protect your vulnerable population more effectively with WellSky®

WellSky Human Services (formerly Harmony) improves investigations with a system built specifically for the unique requirements of protective services. We work closely with experts across the care continuum to ensure our solution reflects and facilitates best practices that effectively and systematically address the consequences of abuse.

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WellSky handles the entire protective services process, including intake, screening, investigation, and reporting. You can also include modules for care planning and case management, service authorization and delivery, and financial management.

WellSky Human Services automates every step of the incident management process, from the initial complaint to the final report.

A mobile app equips your team to complete thorough assessments from any location, with or without the internet. You can view data from prior cases, saving data entry time and providing immediate visibility into the situation.

Reports and dashboards allow you to easily identify cases where milestones are in danger of being missed, there is insufficient documented activity, or cases appear to be stuck at some point in the process.

WellSky eliminates manual entry of Agency and Key Indicators Component data, captures all required Case Component data, and allows you to export case component data for upload to the NAMRS website. An audit report facilitates review of data prior to submission.

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Manage Rising Caseloads

Streamline intake, enable mobile data entry, and accelerate investigations with better data and operational visibility. Save time with tools built specifically for protective services, including notification and investigation templates.

Identify Trends

Track more data points to flag repeat offenders and identify trends in abuse. Access the database of participants in previous intakes and investigations, as well as contact histories when documenting new cases.

Minimize Risk

Ensure practice and policy are always aligned, schedule critical milestone dates to comply with state regulations, and utilize system alerts to facilitate timely completion of risk assessments and documentation.

WellSky Human Services is the most widely used solution for adult protective services today

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