Kinnser Link® for Hospice lets hospice care teams securely access and complete patient care notes in their online Kinnser electronic health record even without web or cellular service.

Austin, TX – February 16, 2016 – In its second product announcement in as many weeks, post-acute healthcare technology leader Austin-based Kinnser Software today introduces Kinnser Link® for Hospice––a mobile application that allows hospice caregivers to complete care documentation using web-enabled tablets, even when web access and cellular service are not available. Kinnser Link for Hospice integrates with Kinnser Hospice®, the leading web-based electronic health record for hospice. By eliminating one of the most common reasons that care documentation is not completed while with the patient, Kinnser Link for Hospice will improve the accuracy and timeliness of documentation, which is of central importance in the collaborative field of hospice care.

Increased accuracy not only improves patient safety, but it also increases overall operational efficiency, as accurate documents proceed through quality assurance more seamlessly. Hospices using Kinnser’s innovative solution will improve care, reduce costs, expand new revenue opportunities, and allocate resources more efficiently.  Kinnser Link for Hospice meets the growing demand in healthcare for integrated mobile care technologies and extends reliable access to hospice caregivers working in a variety of locations, including rural areas or areas with unstable Internet connections.

Using any web-enabled tablet, caregivers load the documents they are scheduled to use that day from their agency’s online Kinnser electronic health record––Kinnser Hospice. These documents can then be accessed with no web access required. Later, when web access is regained, the previously-saved documents can be selected and sent back online to the agency’s Kinnser electronic health record at the touch of a button.

Data within Kinnser Link for Hospice is fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant, so patients’ protected health information is never at risk, even if the device is lost or stolen.  Kinnser Link for Home Health was introduced in January of 2015 to provide similar functionality and benefit to home health agencies and their patients.

Hospice care is delivered using a unique team-based approach, including doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, counselors, and trained volunteers.  To meet the unique needs of each member of this team, Kinnser Link for Hospice includes specialized forms for each discipline, ensuring that the mobile application provides the right information at the right time to the right caregiver.

“Hospice care is growing and changing rapidly. At the same time, a new wave of mobile technology is ushering in a smarter, more connected era of patient care,” says Chris Hester, president and founder of Kinnser Software. “Kinnser Link for Hospice is a critical tool for the mobile hospice team. Now, online or offline, every member of the interdisciplinary team can have access to crucial data at their fingertips, all while ensuring the utmost regulatory compliance and data security.”

Kinnser Link for Hospice is available now for agencies using Kinnser Hospice and may be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play stores.  More information at