Mediware’s Harmony software facilitates consumer research, measures program outcomes and simplifies compliance with federal “No Wrong Door” requirements
LENEXA, Kan., March 24, 2016 – Mediware Information Systems, Inc., the leader in integrated health and human services management, announced a new agreement with the State of Delaware.
Delaware’s Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (DSAAPD) has selected Mediware’s Harmony software to manage its aging and adult services and to establish an Adult Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) to meet the statewide “No-Wrong Door” (NWD) initiative.
In all, Mediware will implement six statewide cloud-based solutions:
SAMS Case Management will replace multiple databases with a statewide consumer database and will use Mobile Assessments to improve field productivity by streamlining data collection and entry. State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) will automate CMS reporting and facilitate personal counseling to Medicare beneficiaries who must annually select a state health insurance plan. Web Resource Center will support Delaware’s “No Wrong Door” initiative, empowering consumers through online self-assessments to determine eligibility and available benefits while the Information and Referral module will enable consumers and caregivers across the state to identify and contact state authorized providers. Harmony’s Advanced Reporting will provide the visibility to the data required to analyze the overall impact of programs administered by the DSAAPD
“DSAAPD sought a partner with a full array of solutions specific to its needs to replace multiple third party systems,” said Todd Bransford, general manager of Mediware Human and Social Services. “We demonstrated that the Mediware suite of products can automate, integrate and implement Delaware’s No Wrong Door (NWD) initiative, as we have done in more than 20 other states. Our software will help the DSAAPD provide relief to Delawareans struggling to find the right services and will also arm the DSAAPD with the tools to measure program performance and reduce waste.”
About Mediware Information Systems
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