• Make data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes with WellSky® Transfusion Analytics

Make data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes with WellSky® Transfusion Analytics

Improve patient safety and decrease costs with the patient blood management (PBM) tools trusted by hospitals to aggregate critical data for key performance indicators. From small hospitals to large systems, WellSky Transfusion Analytics can support your goals for patient blood management and blood bank operations in one simple and effective tool. Together, we can ensure you have the information needed to drive decisions that lead to improved outcomes.

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Monitor your program performance and understand where additional attention may be needed with intuitive, pre-built data visualizations. See average pre-transfusion test results, trends of potentially inappropriate transfusions, and more.

Track and provide feedback on your patient blood management goals with key performance indicators that were developed by clinical experts and have the flexibility needed for your specific organization. Monitor transfusion appropriateness by service line, physician, or location, and drill down to the specific patient information, test results, or other clinical factors that flagged the transfusion.

WellSky Transfusion Analytics provides key information about blood utilization and operations that help drive blood bank efficiency and safety. Assess staffing needs based on workload, monitor inventory and wastage, review demand for planning, and more.

WellSky Transfusion Analytics integrates with WellSky Transfusion and data from your lab and accounting systems to aggregate the critical data you need to properly assess your patient blood management program and blood bank operations.

Designed for your success

Monitor transfusion practices

Provide PBM committees insights into opportunities for education through regularly monitored transfusion practices, and make it simple to identify potentially inappropriate transfusions and complete reviews.

Expand visibility

Make key performance indicators and data visualizations visible to your team by granting access to the tool, sending them out via email, or easily incorporating the data into presentations.

Improve efficiency

Save time currently spent on compiling data and report building with pre-built yet configurable tools. Improve efficiency within the blood bank as you discover opportunities to improve workload and demand patterns.

Tested and proven at nearly 200 facilities around the world, with 100+ more in process

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