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At WellSky, we are passionate about maximizing safety and streamlining operations for donor management programs. From donor recruitment and blood collection to manufacturing, testing and distribution, you can confidently manage the complete product life cycle within a single FDA 510(k) cleared system. With nearly 40% of the U.S. blood supply tested using WellSky Blood Centers (formerly LifeTrak), we are your trusted partner.

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Coordinate donor recruitment and mobile scheduling activities with WellSky Blood Centers. Newco helps you manage donor calls list, scheduling, and reminders, as well as assign vehicles, equipment, and staff. Data collection and reporting allows you to capture information for each drive and assess its productivity.

Donor Management

Experience simplified donor management with dynamic eligibility calculation, deferral tracking through notification to the donor, and a full CASI (Computer Assisted Self Interview) including health history, physicals, and consent forms.

Manufacturing Management

We have extensive controls for all aspects of product manufacturing, including cGMP guides and over 40 safety checks in labeling. In addition, our unique Enhanced Manufacturing Manager supports automation to manage simple and complex exception workflows and reduce FTE interaction, errors, or missed exceptions

Pathogen Reduction

WellSky Blood Centers offers the first Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS) that can capture complete and controlled pathogen reduction (PR) data. The PR addition to WellSky Blood Centers was independently developed in consultation with Cerus Corporation. PR processes are compatible with the INTERCEPT system and can monitor, upload, and check relevant INTERCEPT PR data to aid in data capture and product conformance.

Inventory Management

Only transfusable products move to inventory with safety checks at packing to ensure the status of the donor or product has not changed since labeling. Customer defined requirements for product restriction help ensure customers receive the products they want.  Easily manage returns, outdates, and product quarantine. In addition, if you use WellSky Transfusion, you can transfer inventory directly from WellSky Blood Centers to WellSky Transfusion and receive Red Blood Cell antigen typing back into WellSky Blood Centers.

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Optimize Donor Management

WellSky aggregates key donor information, giving you access to the donor’s history, eligibility, donations, and communications in one view.

Support Product Manufacturing

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guides enable you to confidently support multiple phases of product manufacturing, including pathogen reduction and more than 40 safety checks in the labeling process.

Integrate Systems

WellSky Blood Centers provides open APIs that allow you to integrate securely with external systems, driving greater efficiency and data integrity.

WellSky tests nearly 40% of the blood supply in the U.S., and that number is growing rapidly

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“As we expand and streamline Versiti, we are pleased to have [WellSky] partner with us in bringing [WellSky Blood Centers] to all of Versiti – helping us become One Versiti. [WellSky] has provided a system that balances flexibility, with excellent cGMP controls. Because [WellSky] also has developed an open integration framework, a flexible manufacturing management module, and a willingness to listen to the unique requirements of Versiti and other partner vendors, we are able to respond to the changing demands and landscape of the transfusion medicine industry.”

Lynne BriggsVice President and CIO, Versiti