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CareForum 2019: The WellSky User Conference

Join us Sept. 9-11 in Kansas City for CareForum 2019. With world-class education and inspiration, this is the ultimate conference for health and community care professionals.

Delayed umbilical cord clamping and its impact on blood collection

ViaCord’s Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs Kate Girard, RN, MSN, presents a comprehensive overview of cord clamping and the collection of umbilical cord blood for banking.

Clinical outcomes after cord blood transplantation

Join us as Dr. Filippo Milano shares how cord blood can be associated with a lower risk of relapse in patients with high risk hematological malignancies, as well as exciting data regarding lower risk of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) in patients receiving cord blood.

Cellular therapy accreditation

Insights and guidance for completing the process and maintaining accreditation.

Share the Science presents: The sustainability of the national cord blood system

Join us as Kandice Kapinos of the RAND Corporation presents their findings on the sustainability of the national cord blood system.

Share the Science presents: How to ensure proper lab sanitization for cord blood processing labs

Learn best practices for keeping cord blood processing laboratory clean, sanitized, and disinfected - crucial for product quality and safety.

Share the Science presents: stem cell therapies for autism

Michael G. Chez, M.D. presents a broad overview of past and current trials applying stem cell therapy to autism spectrum disorders, as well as future therapeutic opportunities. Co-sponsored by Save the Cord Foundation.