CLMA KnowledgeLab 2017 attendees to experience debut of new accreditation and audit management features
LENEXA, KS., March 25th, 2017 – Mediware Information Systems, Inc. has released an enhanced edition of its popular compliance, learning, and document management solution, KnowledgeTrak. Now, those in the blood, biologics, and cellular therapy industries can also manage accreditation and required certifications thoroughly and in less time.
KnowledgeTrak’s new accreditation and audit manager module help facilities manage accreditation requirements from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and other agencies by simplifying the accreditation process and streamlining compliance audits for renewals. CAP and other checklists are imported with just a few clicks and are easily linked to build tailored accreditation requirements. Checklist items are then assigned to staff for completion, allowing them to link SOPs, other documents, and free text entries as attestation of compliance. Once completed, the checklist items are automatically routed back to lab managers for review and approval with 21 CFR Part 11-compliant electronic signatures.
In addition, as documents are revised, KnowledgeTrak automatically updates linkages and compiles new checklists and highlights changes. The system also provides continual status of accreditation requirements, automatically reminds owners and approvers of tasks that are due, and simplifies the completion of annual or biennial audit updates.
“The new accreditation management features leverage our customers’ investment in KnowledgeTrak and significantly improve the effectiveness of laboratory and transfusion operations,” said Michael Anania, vice president and general manager of Blood Services Technologies. “In addition to accreditation management, the latest release of KnowledgeTrak includes more than a dozen customer-driven enhancements, all of which are designed to improve quality and efficiency for our customers,” added Anania.
Release 2017 also contains a new compliance dashboard, streamlines role/responsibility transitions, simplifies online document binders, and provides multiple additional enhancements to KnowledgeTrak’s reliable document, competency, and compliance management features.
About Mediware Information Systems
Mediware, a provider of interoperable software systems that improve efficiency and safety, is a leading expert in learning and document management solutions for hospitals and blood centers. Currently utilized in more than 200 facilities, our KnowledgeTrak system is a proven, all-in-one solution for training, compliance, quality, document, and accreditation management. For more information about customized solutions for automating document management and training, go to