Innovation allows home health agencies to prove home visits took place

April 9, 2013 – AUSTIN, TEXAS – Kinnser Software, an Austin-based company delivering clinical and business solutions to home health care agencies, has introduced a software solution that will dramatically reduce the likelihood of home health visit fraud and allow home health agencies to verify in real-time that home care visits happened as planned.  A patent is pending.

“The home health field has had its share of fraud and abuse,” said Coleen Murphy-DeOrsey, RN, owner & administrator of Optimal Care, Inc. in Bingham Farms, Michigan. “We are not that type of agency, and this solution helps us prove we’re not that type of agency.”  The software, known as Kinnser VisitVerify™, was launched last week to home health agencies across the US.  Murphy-DeOrsey’s agency was part of the test group that previewed the software during its development.

A portion of the technology behind VisitVerify™ – GPS location and time/date capture – will be familiar to anyone with a web-enabled tablet computer, like the iPad or Android.  The breakthrough is how Kinnser integrates this technology into its web-based software solution used by home care clinicians.  A clinician using a tablet computer at a patient’s home simply has the patient sign on the device screen.  GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities allow the physical location and date/time to be simultaneously recorded.  This data is instantly accessible by agency administrators and other members of the care team.  If a family member, Medicare surveyor, physician, or other authorized person needs to know if a visit took place, the agency can respond immediately and with definitive proof.

Known as “visit verification,” this process has been traditionally used paper signature sheets.  VisitVerify™ reduces administrative processing time by as much as 75% compared to paper and has the advantages of being immediately and securely accessible online.  “We are getting compliance results with VisitVerify™ that are 10 times better than signatures on paper,” said Jeff Hammond, president and owner of Sea Crest Home Health Services, Inc. in Orange County, California.

Although the actual percentage of fraud in home care is small given the size of the industry, last year’s highly-publicized $375 million Medicare and Medicaid fraud fiasco in Texas and similar cases across the country have been damaging.  While state legislatures across the country debate legislation to address the problem, agencies using Kinnser VisitVerify™ now have a viable solution that can eliminate one possible source of fraud – billing for home care visits that did not occur.

“With Kinnser VisitVerify™ the home care industry is taking a major step to operate more efficiently and introduce a meaningful safeguard that protects our government and tax payers from fraud,” said Christopher Hester, founder and president of Kinnser Software.   “The overwhelming majority of home health agencies provide care with complete integrity and accountability to our homebound senior citizens.  VisitVerify™ is a tool those agencies can use to definitively prove the great care they provide.”

VisitVerify is a companion product to Agency Manager™, Kinnser’s flagship web-based software solution for home agencies, and Therapy Manager, the company’s software for therapy companies. Both are among the most widely used solutions in their fields.


Kinnser Software was founded to develop innovative software solutions that improve the quality and delivery of home health care. With pioneering tools like VisitVerify™ the company hopes to help clinicians deliver better patient care and empower the owners of home care businesses to be more successful, making home care overall more efficient and affordable.

A champion of corporate governance and best practices, Kinnser Software was voted as one of the Top Workplaces of Greater Austin by the Austin American-Statesman. For the past three years, Kinnser has been named to Inc. magazine’s annual list of the fastest-growing privately held companies.  In 2013, Kinnser Software celebrated its 10th anniversary as an industry leader in both innovative web-based home health software and world-class customer support.