Company with modest beginnings is now the leader in software for home health

November 21, 2013 – AUSTIN, TEXAS – The leadership and employees of Kinnser Software, Inc. gathered last night to celebrate the company’s tenth year of providing a robust, easy to use electronic health record to home health agencies. Kinnser’s EHR is the homecare industry’s most widely used software solution. Over its ten-year history, Kinnser has expanded its product offering to include software for therapy companies, and in November 2013 added software for hospice.

“Since the very beginning, Kinnser has been a practical, solutions-based company that provides software and world-class support to help post-acute healthcare providers operate more flexibly and efficiently,” says President and Founder Chris Hester.

Founded in 2003, Kinnser Software’s web-based solutions are used every day by more than 100,000 clinicians, nurses and therapists at over 1,600 home health agencies and hospices caring for over 170,000 patients nationwide.

Ten Years Supporting the Real-World Needs of Post-Acute Healthcare
Founded as a Solutions-Based Business:  Kinnser began modestly, and was at first not even envisioned as a business. Chris Hester was a skilled programmer, and found his talents enlisted to develop a more efficient and practical software solution for a home health agency in Houston, Texas. Working side-by-side with nurses and administrators, Hester developed software that solved common problems and streamlined processes. His decision to make his software web-based was insightful. Web-based software was ideal for the distributed workforce of home health. Business staff working in the office and clinical staff working remotely both need real-time access to information––a perfect task for the web. Web-based software also had important privacy advantages as well. With web-based software, patient data is stored remotely and merely accessed via a user’s computer, not stored on the hard drive where it is vulnerable to loss and exposure, which violate HIPAA rules.

• Once introduced to the market, Kinnser Software became the most widely used software in home health, replacing server-based systems and paper records for more than 1,600 agencies across the US.

The Flagship Solution:  Kinnser Agency Manager™ is the company’s flagship software.  It is a comprehensive solution, encompassing clinical, administrative, and billing functions. Kinnser Therapy Manager ™ is a compatible solution designed for therapy companies. The company continues to roll out new purpose-driven products that meet the needs of home health and hospice.

New Purpose-Driven Products Launched in 2013: Kinnser introduced VisitVerify™, a GPS-based companion product to Agency Manager™, to eliminate visit fraud. VisitVerify uses patient signatures on a web-enabled tablet to instantly record the time, date and location of home health visits. Launched in April, VisitVerify has had tremendous success in some of the nation’s most dense home health markets. More than 500,000 patient visits have been verified to date.

In November 2013, Kinnser introduced Kinnser Hospice™, a new web-based software solution for hospices nationwide. Designed in collaboration with successful hospices, the software includes patient-centric intake and scheduling, comprehensive clinical charting, Medicare billing and other tools to help hospices meet their business goals without sacrificing compassionate care. Demand for hospice care is at an all-time high and serves more than 1.65 million patients annually.

“Today’s celebration honors the passion Kinnser shares for healthcare,” said Chris Hester at today’s 10th anniversary event. “Thanks to my team’s hard work and dedication, Kinnser now enters its second decade as a national leader in software for post-acute healthcare providers.”

Earlier this week, the Austin American-Statesman named Kinnser Software as one of the Top Workplaces of 2013. This is Kinnser’s second consecutive year on this highly exclusive list of the best of the best.