Home health agencies of every size will be able to leverage advanced data analytics to improve patient care, reduce cost, and increase efficiency with new software solution Kinnser Business Insights™.

Austin, TX – February 9, 2016 – In a major announcement today, post-acute care technology leader Austin-based Kinnser Software unveiled Kinnser Business Insights™ –– a breakthrough software solution that brings the power of data analytics to home healthcare. Kinnser Business Insights will allow home health agencies to make better-informed, data-driven decisions that will improve care, reduce costs, expand new revenue opportunities, and allocate resources more efficiently. Most home health agencies today do not use powerful analytics solutions, often called “business intelligence” solutions. Kinnser Business Insights is designed to make business intelligence accessible, affordable, and easy to use for home health agencies of every size.

“We are entering a smarter era of healthcare delivery where only the best-prepared providers will thrive,” says healthcare consultant Sharon Harder of Chicago-based C3 Advisors, LLC. “Agencies that are able to retrieve meaningful data and put it into action will be poised to optimize performance and become more competitive.” Harder, who was able to see the new solution while it was in development adds, “Kinnser has hit a home run with Kinnser Business Insights.”

Kinnser Business Insights is powered by data visualization leader Tableau®, whose solutions are used and trusted by thousands of data-intensive organizations like The World Bank, Allstate Insurance, and Dun & Bradstreet.  Tableau condenses complex analysis into easy to understand, interactive graphs and charts that allow business leaders to make data-driven decisions.

The initial release of Kinnser Business Insights immediately differentiates it from other business intelligence solutions in home health.  Other solutions simply give agencies access to unstructured data with little-to-no guidance on how to use it. Agencies must then rely on specialized data analysts to develop reports. In contrast, the Kinnser solution includes more than thirty pre-built reports, which can be run immediately. These thirty-plus reports are organized into seven Tableau workbooks that cover the most important metrics in home health: admissions, patient census, diagnoses, financials, episodes of care, patient tasks, and referrals.  Agencies wanting more customized reports can leverage Tableau’s simple drag-and-drop interface to include other reporting fields as needed.

The data analyzed by Kinnser Business Insights is entered by agencies into their electronic health record, Kinnser Agency Manager, the most widely-used software solution in the home health industry. Both Kinnser Agency Manager and Kinnser Business Insights are SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, so data is securely available anytime, anywhere via the web.

“Kinnser is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that support excellent care and profitable growth,” says Chris Hester, president and founder of Kinnser Software. “Our company reinvests about 20% of its annual revenue into research and development. Kinnser Business Insights is the latest result of that substantial investment. This solution will make our customers more competitive as they make better decisions based on better information.”

Kinnser Business Insights is available now to agencies using Kinnser Agency Manager with Billing Manager 2.0 functionality.