• Deliver better care
    and improve patient safety
    with WellSky® Behavioral Health

Deliver better care and improve patient safety with WellSky® Behavioral Health

WellSky Behavioral Health (formerly HCS Interactant) is a scalable, comprehensive health information platform built for inpatient psychiatric hospitals and outpatient care settings. WellSky Behavioral Health delivers deep functionality to support the unique needs of behavioral health providers — beyond traditional electronic health records (EHR) systems.

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Electronic health records (EHR)

WellSky Behavioral Health offers unparalleled value to help you improve quality and safety of care. Now you can easily collect patient data from assessments, electronic signatures, treatment plans, and notes from therapy and group sessions to ensure caregivers are well-informed and deliver coordinated care.

Revenue cycle management (RCM)

WellSky’s behavioral health solution delivers a complete, end-to-end RCM solution to help you improve cashflow, reduce accounts receivable (A/R) days, and streamline workflows. Automate and manage business processes across the entire platform that pertain to reimbursement including referral management, census, and EHR functions.

Financial management

With WellSky Behavioral Health, you can gain more control and better automation of business office functions and centralize activities around general ledger, fixed assets, accounts payable, and materials and facilities management.

Insight reporting

Meaningful and customizable views of operational and EHR data lets you evaluate trends and make timely business and clinical decisions. Tabular and interactive graphs as well as standard and custom reports offer data views by facility, facility groups, or corporate level.

Mobile access

WellSky Behavioral Health keeps communication and processes moving — anytime, anywhere. Gain flexibility toward better communications, faster care, and effective collaboration between teams and facilities.

Multi-site capability

WellSky Behavioral Health is designed for multi-site providers that deliver care across a variety of settings including inpatient psychiatric, outpatient clinics, treatment facilities, and more.

Designed for your success


Comprehensive, industry-leading workflows deliver seamless integration across the entire health record, billing process, financial system, and all of your facilities.


Our solution delivers intuitive design, worklists, and alerts to power effective and safer care delivery for your patients, while still making life easier for your clinicians and operational management teams.


WellSky Behavioral Health features built-in, consolidated reporting for multi-site providers and easily scales as your organization grows.

More than 4,000 client facilities use WellSky Behavioral Health

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“[WellSky Behavioral Health] software helps save time capturing and entering data, which allows doctors, nurses, and clinicians to spend more time delivering patient care.”

“What impressed us most about [WellSky] was the breadth of functionality within the platform to support the unique needs of inpatient behavioral health services.”