• Better protect your vulnerable populations with an end-to-end Incident Management solution

Better protect your vulnerable populations with an end-to-end Incident Management solution

We understand the importance of addressing incidents quickly to better protect your vulnerable populations across the state. With WellSky® Human Services (formerly Harmony), you can capture, analyze, and report incident events across all departments and programs in a single system. With increased visibility and intelligence, you can analyze trends, identify issues, and improve incident response. WellSky also ensures you meet the requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Waiver Assurance 4.

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Our security model will accommodate state staff from participating agencies, as well as direct service personnel, support coordinators, and others in the care ecosystem, while keeping data secure via role-based permissions.

Fully capture and document incidents across all divisions and programs in our web-based system, accessible anytime, anywhere. With WellSky Human Services, you can upload and store documents for each incident, track incident transfer history, document where users have made changes, and record multiple investigations per incident.

Create workflows appropriate for each incident type, with follow-ups and notifications for each incident that ensure appropriate agencies and users are notified and actions are completed within required timeframes.

WellSky Human Services provides multiple mechanisms for submitting incident reports and ensuring that reports flow correctly through defined multi-tiered review and approval processes.

Visual dashboards display actionable data that inform policy and allow you to detect trends and address issues quickly.

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Save Time

WellSky’s secure and reliable software-as-a-service infrastructure allows you to implement quickly, with minimal time-consuming and costly customizations.

Create Efficiencies

Eliminate duplicate entry across departments, managed care organizations, providers or others across the care network, as well as manual compilation of data. Dashboards, standard reports, and custom reports offer insights into trends to simplify performance management.

Improve Compliance

Increase your ability to meet mandatory response times and monitor provider compliance with state, Medicaid, and other policies by using a single platform with streamlined data entry and powerful analytics.

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