• Coordinate your community’s efforts to end homelessness with WellSky®

Coordinate your community’s efforts to end homelessness with WellSky®

Join the 60% of Continuums of Care that use WellSky Community Services (formerly ServicePoint) as their Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Support coordinated entry, track outcomes, raise awareness through insights, and manage funding with our comprehensive system. Leveraging WellSky’s deep experience in healthcare, you can connect with a range of care providers and effectively address social determinants of health (SDoH).

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WellSky monitors all requirement changes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), so you can always complete CoC and HMIS annual performance reports, Longitudinal System Analysis, Housing Inventory Counts, and Point-in-Time Counts.

WellSky’s Unit Manager tracks permanent housing, temporary housing, shelter space, specially-designated units, and more. Our barcode scanning tool streamlines safe, compliant check-ins and management. CoC’s gain real-time visibility into available units in the community.

WellSky’s configurable platform allows everyone in your provider network to use the same assessments, eliminating issues with mismatched data when reporting on client outcomes. Data quality improves with standardized inputs and checks to prevent errors and duplication.

Address social determinants of health (SDoH) effectively by leveraging WellSky’s extensive experience across healthcare fields. By partnering with hospitals to improve their discharge outcomes, you can gain new revenue and enhance the care of your client base.

With WellSky, all your providers can work with the same database to provide person-focused care for better outcomes. Assess clients with leading tools like the VI-SPDAT and document findings with AIRS taxonomy. Coordinate efforts by eliminating duplicative intake questions and services.

Our extensive library of reports track service quality, client progress, and funder requirements with less work. WellSky’s powerful visual analytics tool delivers insights to help you improve services and advocate persuasively to help your community flourish.

Designed for your success

Coordinate care

Manage a single client record and share real-time data with every organization in your community, ensuring people receive compassionate care wherever they go.

Address SDoH

By partnering with your community’s healthcare system to reduce ER visits and improve outcomes, you can gain new revenue and enhance care for clients.

Simplify reporting

Complete HUD reports faster, manage performance with a library of field-tested reports, and advocate for change with powerful data that demonstrates better outcomes.

60% of U.S. Continuums of Care (CoCs) rely on WellSky

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“For the last 13 years, we’ve really come to lean on WellSky, not only for day-to-day issues, but also as an industry leader that knows what is coming from federal funders and what we need to adjust to.”

“WellSky Community Services has advanced features that let us report not only to the federal government, but to state and local government, or stakeholders like a board of directors. It shows our information is accurate, and that we are getting effective results for the funding we receive. WellSky is flexible, has lots of features, and everyone can use it. We have volunteers, people in their eighties, who can use it efficiently.”

“It’s easy to get the data into the system, and it’s very user-friendly, so the people putting the data in can do it very quickly.”