• Expedite prescription delivery and grow your business with CareTend powered by WellSky®

Expedite prescription delivery and grow your business with CareTend powered by WellSky®

Manage operations from intake to delivery with the power of automation. Easy access to processing, delivery, and inventory data lets you focus on the business of caring – ensuring patients receive their medications when they need them. With CareTend, you have the information you need so you always know where your business stands.

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CareTend eliminates data overload and manual reporting. Your staff can easily access the data points they need and schedule reports to run on a regular basis. Save time and keep track of metrics crucial to your success, including revenue adjustments, bad debt reserve, DSO, A/R aging, COGS, and more – all at the touch of a button.

Expedite prescription processing with real-time workflow tools that increase output and reduce delays. Lock in a proven workflow system that advances tasks through each stage of completion while managing staff and identifying opportunities for improvement – all within a customizable dashboard.

Improve productivity by delivering more medications in less time by connecting your office with drivers in the field through web-based route planning and real-time delivery updates. With CareTend your patients receive their medications on time, every time.

CareTend supports your pharmacists by providing clean instructions, ensuring that prescriptions are filled accurately every time, including compounded drugs. With real-time updates, you can reduce the time spent managing refills.

With CareTend, you’ll spend less time tracking inventory and more time servicing patients with our proven barcode technology. Our barcode tools automate ordering, receiving, warehousing, and withdrawal of supplies, ensuring you never have too much or too little on hand. You’ll also eliminate manual work, reduce errors, and easily report inventory metrics across multiple locations with real-time perpetual inventory control.

CareTend’s customizable dashboard allows you to easily identify backlogs with real-time warning notifications. Spend less time searching for errors and more time processing orders to drive efficiency and profitability.

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Real-Time Data

Live data and real-time workflow tools keep you and your team in the know so you can focus on delivering medications to your patients.

Mobile Delivery

CareTend is accessible on all of your connected devices (tablets, laptops, phones) so you and your staff are always on top of what’s happening in your business.


We combine everything your pharmacy needs into one convenient application, streamlining tasks, improving communication, and facilitating collaboration.

More than 10,000 people use WellSky’s home infusion technologies daily

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