• Achieve the best possible outcomes with an EHR built for outpatient and residential behavioral health providers

Achieve the best possible outcomes with an EHR built for outpatient and residential behavioral health providers

WellSky® offers the only Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution for ambulatory outpatient and residential behavioral health providers that connects directly to your payer’s system. Our closed-loop, payer-provider data sync eliminates duplicative data entry, speeds eligibility checks, accelerates authorizations, and shortens reimbursement timelines. Streamline all of your mental health and substance use needs with WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers (formerly AlphaFlex).  *Also available for IDD Providers.

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WellSky provides a fully integrated suite that includes documentation, scheduling, practice management, reporting, and revenue cycle management. With all the functions centralized in one system, third party add-ons can be eliminated, and claims are validated against more data points to yield greater accuracy.

Collect clinical and support data in an easy-to-use system that can send automatic alerts to clinicians and staff if issues arise. Track client progress over time to see trends and determine the best course of action. Remind patients of appointments with our scheduling tools to reduce no-shows and encourage engagement, and give individuals real-time access to their information through a secure client portal.

WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers offers the flexibility you need to manage clinical decision support and outcomes, enabling you to deliver care that is both compassionate and compliant with payer requirements.

Unlike many EHRs that lock you in to a limited set of templates, or require payment for customizations, WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers lets you create and edit templates to fit your needs.

WellSky automates claim submission, reconciliation, and rebilling/replacement of denied claims to ensure maximum payment.

WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers includes mobile capability with offline sync. Your team can work in the EHR system wherever they need to, no internet access required. Data can be synchronized to the online database when internet access is restored.

Data between participating payers and WellSky is updated daily, ensuring your clinical and claim submissions are always checked against the latest payer rules and eligibility data.

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Achieve Better Outcomes

Improve your efficiency and productivity with integrated clinical tools, enhanced claim validation, and robust reporting tools.

Maximize Reimbursement

WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers automates steps in the claims process to ensure maximum payment for services with less work and enhances claim validation across more data points to increase the likelihood of first-time reimbursement.

Meet CMS Requirements

WellSky’s EHR software is ONC Certified, Edition 2014, and we can help ensure you meet Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) requirements to avoid Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) penalties.

WellSky offers the most widely deployed suite of modular human services solutions for payers and providers

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“When I researched the EHR programs out there, [WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers] was the best by far.”

“Before a claim goes to billing, the system ensures that all documentation and payer requirements have been met, so our claims rarely have errors.”

“[WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers] does what we need and is head and shoulders above what’s available to us.”

“We rely on [WellSky Behavioral Health & IDD Providers] for everything—scheduling, documentation, reporting, electronic billing, and e-prescribing.”