Advanced RehabTrust, a Medicare-certified home health agency located in Denton, TX, found itself in a tight spot several years ago. Decreased reimbursements, rising costs and the inefficient software they used at the time were a financial drain and detracted from productivity and patient care.  After searching for a solution that would cut costs and streamline operations, the agency made a seamless transition to Kinnser’s Agency Manager in August 2010. Since then, the agency has seen significant advances in nearly every area.

Agency Manager has shortened the OASIS to RAP process from up to three weeks to less than seven days, and has completely eliminated billing mistakes. In Advanced RehabHealth’s final two years with their previous software, more than $94,000 in errors were found by a billing recovery service, compared to $0 since the switch to Kinnser.

The ability to enter data into Agency Manager’s web-based system via iPad from anywhere means Advanced RehabTrust staff spend considerably less time traveling to and from the office, saving the agency $4,000 per month. Agency Manager’s accounting feature shortened payroll processing time from four hours to four days, leading the agency to reduce their full time staff by one.

Additionally, Agency Manager’s HIPAA-compliant K-mail feature has improved communication between all specialties, and greater overall efficiency has allowed them to increase their patient census by 50 percent. During these challenging times for home health agencies like Advanced RehabTrust, Kinnser’s cost-effective system makes it quick and easy to manage all billing and point-of-care needs so organizations can focus on their number one priority: providing the highest possible level of patient care.